Kelly Marriner-Smith TRAINER

Our program is centered around equitation and
horsemanship. Whether you compete in hunters,
jumpers or equitation, we put the basics of
horsemanship and equitation at the foundation and build from there. We teach and encourage riders to understand the way a horse thinks and learns. We honor our horses with compassionate, systematic training and education that creates a willing, trusting and happy partner. We achieve these principles with a proven system that includes groundwork, flatwork, gymnastics, and challenging courses. We also proudly offer lessons to students of all levels. While we do not have a string of lesson horses, we can often find "horse share' opportunities, half, and full leases.

CALL: 503-913-0887 or email below:




Gabby believes in creating successful partnerships  by ensuring a solid foundation in training & skills for both horse & rider. 

As owner of Forest Reach, she offers eventing training to a range of skill levels. She encourage riders and horses to be versatile, sensible and drama free.  Gabby uses a common sense, slow approach to training to ensure  horses understand what we need & expect.

Gabby's program includes both flat lessons and jumping. When the weather permits she will be also schooling her riders on Lake Oswego's eventing courses and offering Eventing Camps over the summer. 

In addition to her training program, Gabby also coaches the Forest Reach / Lake Oswego IEA Team.




Jen Mack of Mack Equestrian LLC offers a unique training program that focuses on helping students gain confidence by coaching them through trust-building exercises. 


Jen's background working for the mounted patrol for 19 years as a civilian equestrian trainer has given her special insight in horse behavior. Her Lessons are geared toward helping riders reach their personal and competition goals by teaching them to guide their horses through stressful situations. These lessons are first directed at using equine behavior theory to assist students in understanding how horses learn in stressful situations and why they respond to stimuli in certain ways.

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