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Wolffe Dressage at LOH

West Linn , Oregon 97068

Phone: 512-626-3384


Dressage trainer Julia Wolffe is certified to teach by the following national and international equestrian organizations:

The British Horse Society (1976)
The United States Pony Club (1989)
The United States Dressage Federation (1995)

Julia follows a logical and traditional training system for ground breaking through Grand Prix, which she learned from decades under the guidance of master trainers Molly Sivewright FBHS, Hubert Rohrer SRS, and Karl Mikolka SRS. She has worked as a trainer for over four decades. Her experiences of working in Germany, England, Iran, and the United States have given her a well-rounded education, which she passionately shares through her teaching.

Julia earned her BS from the University of Texas in Applied Learning and holds an Elementary Education teaching license. She is also became a licensed massage therapist during her time in Texas. These two qualifications have been of great benefit for her work of training both horse and rider athletes.

Julia’s love of dressage was kindled by her admiration for the beauty of horses and the powerful grace in the way they moved. Her classical methodology is based on enhancing the natural gaits of the horse so that it becomes more expressive and elastic in its movement while remaining healthy and sound. The horses in her care develop an athletic physique. She is careful to vary work so that her equine partners keep a good character and want to work for her.

A student of Julia’s can expect a tireless approach to introducing the rider to concepts of “feel” and connecting with the horse for better communication. Julia has a unique ability to simplify the most difficult aspects of dressage riding. She has an endless supply of exercises and lessons, which continue to build on each other as the rider progresses in their training. Additionally, riders in her program often have complimentary learning activities such as group clinic auditing, horse show participation, or occasional detailed handouts describing any of the many theories of dressage training. Wolffe dressage riders can expect to sweat physically and mentally!

For more information, please visit Julia’s private website at Additionally, she can be contacted by phone at (512) 626-3384 or by email at

Look forward to seeing you at the barn!